University haul and organisation

This is my back to university haul and organisation, most of the supplies I got are from Paperchase and Wilkinson as they both have such a wide selection and are both reasonably priced.

The first thing I picked up was a diary, I just have a plain black one from Paperchase, it’s quite small so it’s not heavy to carry round all day. A diary is just good to write your homework in, when any assignments are due or just general things you have to do, they just genuinely help me to keep on top of all the tasks I have to do throughout the day. What’s great about this diary is that everyday you rip the corner off each page which makes it a lot easier to find today the page quickly.


I also got a 5 subject pukka pad project workbook for my classes, where I can take notes from each lecture and keep all my work in the same place. Some of this work I’ll probably transfer into a folder, which I won’t take to university but instead I’ll keep it at home as one central place to keep all my work and handouts. Along with this I got a pukka pad refill book which is quite thick which I will just use when completing work to hand in. I’ll probably end up using all of this quite quickly and end up buying more throughout the year. I also got some flash cards which are useful when I’m trying to remember stuff for a quiz or test.


Moving onto smaller things like pens and pencils etc, I got a pack of Berol fine felt tip pens to use during coursework or just to add some colour to my work. Just some pens and pencils, a rubber and some highlighters. I got given a really cute pencil case where I will store my stationary so it doesn’t get lost in my bag anywhere. And finally I bought some post it notes just to take small notes which link to something on my page or flag up anything which I may need to remember.


So those are all the supplies I have bought for myself this year and how I organise my studies!


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