50 Facts About ME!

1. I am a Scorpio; my birthday is November 13th which is also Chris Noth’s birthday (Mr Big from Sex and the City) and Gerard Butlers.

2. I was born and raised in Sutton Coldfield; I have always lived in the same house. We were at one point going to move to New Zealand but that never happened and then we were going to move to a house literally a minute walk from my current one, but my parents decided against it literally at the last minute (I think we even sold our house at one point??).

3. I love documentaries; I think I’ve watched every one on 4od.

4. I love doing the washing and I have no idea why.

5. I love travelling, mostly because of airports, they’re kind of an obsession for me, I just love the atmosphere and just everything about it. Visiting other places is one of my favourite things because of the different people, cultures, languages etc… Even though I haven’t travelled to many countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Greece) I have loads of trips planned to many countries and places like Budapest (Hungary) where I am going in December with my boyfriend.


6. My lucky number is 13 and no it’s not because I was born on the 13th but for some reason good things always happen to me on the 13th or around 13:00 or just have something to do with that number. And my favourite number is 4, because it’s a well rounded even number.

7. When watching television I always have to have the volume on an even number otherwise I just feel really uncomfortable (usually 26 or 28).

8. I love reading about fashion and everything about it, like looking at this seasons collections however I have not one fashionable bone in my body and struggle to put together outfits. I just wear what I like.

9. I have a thing against tracksuits; I just really hate them and don’t understand why people wear them.

10. I am a Media and Communications student and hope to specialise in PR.


11. I love children and babies but I don’t want any of my own.

12. I am really struggling to find a part time job, no matter how hard I try or how many positions I apply for, I just don’t seem to get anywhere. Previous to this I have worked for the Dune concession in Debenhams, bullring.

13. My favourite YouTuber is BeautyBySiena, she’s just so sassy and hilarious. Apart from her I don’t follow any others or generally use YouTube at all.

14. My favourite movie is ‘Something Borrowed’, it’s about this girl who’s been in love with her best friend fiancé since they met at university and how he’s in love with her too but they both never admitted it. You’ll have to watch it to find out how it ends! This movie was originally a book by Emily Giffin, she’s also wrote a sequel to it called ‘Something Blue’, there were rumours about this book being made into a movie also (I really hope it happens!!!).

15. I have 7 pairs of black Joni jeans from Topshop and wear them literally every day.

16. I love vitamin water, especially the raspberry and apple flavour and the dragon fruit flavour.

17. I have days where I eat too much and days where I eat nothing at all.

18. My family currently own a rabbit and a bearded dragon. Previous to this we have owned a guinea pig, a parrot, a gerbil and about a million hamsters (no joke). And now I really want a goldfish.


19. I am OBSESSED with breakfast muffins, especially when they come with bacon, poached egg and cheese (unhealthy I know).

20. I am 5ft 4inches according to my GP but I think I am smaller.

21. I am really not into sport but enjoy using the Pump Up app to keep fit although I never keep a proper log on there of what exercise I have done. I really should start… This app is a great way to stay motivated and keep track of all the exercise you have done. It even creates little workouts for you depending on your ability, equipment you and how much time you have, which I think is great. (Follow me and we can get motivated and keep fit together: kateharper).

22. I have never had a nose bleed (thank god).

23. I love horror and thriller movies. I don’t know what my all time favourite is, there are too many to choose from! To name a few: ‘The Conjuring’, ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ and ‘The Exorcist’.

24. I love social networking (Tumblr: yourbrightnessisavirus, Twitter: @KatieHarper, Instagram: katieharperrrr).

25. I hate apples, bananas (unless they’re in a smoothie) and oranges but love most other fruits.

26. I am in a very happy relationship (mainly due to the fact he has a coffee machine in his bedroom (I’m joking (I’m not))).


27. I only eat salt and vinegar crisps.

28. My family get through jars of Nutella insanely quick.


29. I don’t know how much I weigh because I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of a body as it changes throughout the day. I believe that as long as you’re happy, healthy and comfortable with your figure and the way your body looks then that is what matters and I don’t think numbers on a scale should have the power to control our happiness.

30. I have a really small family.

31. I am constantly clearing out my room; I really hate clutter so I just get rid of it when I can! This results in me owning literally nothing and my wardrobe being pretty much empty. I try and sell most of my stuff on eBay or Vinted (Check out my wardrobe: kateharper), whatever doesn’t sell I donate to a charity shop.

32. I have an IPod which I haven’t turned on since I went to Portugal in August 2013, over a year ago.

33. Autumn is my favourite season.

34. I am awful at saving money, like really really bad.

35. My favourite TV shows include, Sex and the City, American Horror Story, Downton Abbey and Scott and Bailey.

36. I’ve never read half of the books I own because I keep buying more and can’t keep up with myself.

37. I take a skin, hair and nails vitamin everyday because I get skin blemishes and my nails are weak, I think they work so I will continue taking them.

38. I only ever paint my nails red; I own so many different shades of red and will never wear another colour.

39. I have a phobia of jellyfish and really hate the thought of not knowing what is at the bottom of the sea. However I am a qualified diving instructor.

40. I like late night walks in the park whilst it’s dark. I take a flask of coffee to keep warm.

41. I am always cold; in the summer I rarely go out without a jacket and always walk around in loads of layers in the winter.

42. I love living in Sutton Coldfield and think Birmingham is great place no matter what everybody believes.

43. I’m a really messy cook and always like to watch a movie whilst I’m doing so.

44. People seem to think that I am a lot cleverer than I actually am.

45. I have over 200 contacts in my phone but am only in touch with about 20 people (including family) on there.

46. I panic when my phone battery is on 60% and put it on charge immediately, if I’m at university and it runs low I can’t concentrate till it’s on charge, which is really really bad considering I don’t even use it when I’m there (it’s a long journey home people!).

47. I love Tango Ice Blasts, they are literally the best things ever.

48. The smell of tea bags is my favourite thing ever. It’s just so good.

49. I’m very much a homebody, I’d rather be at home snuggled up in my pajamas than out getting drunk. I especially think this when I see photos of people lying on the side of the road or throwing up in toilets (disgusting), I am actually embarrassed for people who do that. I enjoy going out for a drink but not to the point where I’m like that, have some class please guys.

50. I’m not very interesting.

And that was 50 facts about me! Please feel free to comment any facts about yourselves below, I like to hear from you people! Kate x



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