Autumn Favourites

Hey guys!
This week I’m doing my autumn favourites! With autumn quickly approaching, the days getting shorter and the weather growing colder, it’s that time of year where winter clothes are in the shops and everyone is wrapping up. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons so I have decided to do a favourites post!

So my first favourite is the Jennifer Aniston Perfume, it smells so nice and fresh, I don’t think many people know about this fragrance which is why I love it, it’s like my own unique smell. It just smells so good. I think over the past few years I have had about 7 bottles of this? I can’t remember the exact amount but I can only purchase the smallest bottles here in the UK and even those are really hard to get hold of, so I really struggle to find them. Online however they have all sizes and is actually pretty reasonably priced, which is another positive to this perfume.

My next favourite has been the Estee Lauder foaming face cleanser, I use it every morning when I wake up and it just makes my skin so smooth and gets rid of any dirt and unnecessary oil from my skins surface. It makes my makeup really easy to apply afterwards as well. I got given this bottle by my mum who got it from work, not sure if I would have bought it for the price it cost as there are many other foaming cleansers out there which I have yet to try! I use this cleanser along with the ‘quick fix facials’ Exfoliating Scrub Mask, I use this twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling clean and super smooooooth. I picked this up from TKMAXX for £3.99 as I really needed a scrub, I’d never heard of this brand before but I definitely recommend it to you if you suffer from blackheads and blocked pores.

Last week I went shopping and I found this blanket in Primark, it only cost me £3.90(on sale) and honestly it’s probably my favourite purchase this month, it’s just so warm and cosy, it makes such a difference at night because my house gets really cold but not any more with this bargain! I got it in this brown colour because it will go really well with both of my duvet sets. I might have to go back and buy another one actually…

Another item I have bought this winter is this grey scarf from H&M, again it’s just so soft. (I have a real thing for soft things in case you hadn’t noticed). It’s just so big and thick, definitely going to keep me warm on those long journeys each morning to Uni. It’s available it other colours and patterns, if you’d like to check them out, follow the link at the end of this post.

I got this really great tweed blazer from GAP, I have been wanting one for a while but have struggled to actually find one, so I went in and just happened to find one! It’s very fitted and a flattering fit, I will probably style it with a blouse for a more smart look or a knitted jumper for those casual days.

Saving the best till last, my absolute FAVOURITE item this autumn is my black patent Hunter boots. These were a gift from my boyfriend (cute) I have always wanted a pair ever since I can remember and was so surprised when he got me a pair (thank you thank you thank you). We go on quite a few walks in the park so these will be well worn believe me! I just love them because of their classic style, they’re just practical and go with everything!


Jennifer Aniston perfume- Amazon (various suppliers).

Estee Lauder Facial Cleanser- Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser or any other stockists.

Blanket throw- Not available online, try your local Primark store.

Scarf- Only available in H&M stores at the moment.

Tweed Blazer-

Hunter Boots-


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