Why Budapest is the most amazing city and why you must visit as soon as possible…

I spent a week in Budapest just before Christmas from the 13th-20th December, exploring the city and the amazing sites it had to offer. Every road you turn down there is always something to look at, whether it was the beautiful architecture or gorgeous well designed gardens but my favourite was walking along the Danube, the river which separates The city. Like in most places, some areas along the Danube were incredible, such as the very detailed House of Parliament and some places not so much. I suggest walking along the river at sunset on a clear night and you will be lucky enough to see the beautiful colours reflect of the water and see the lights on the bridges and along the Danube turn on as you are walking along. This is one experience which I will never forget and will treasure as long as I live.


We started our journey at the House of Parliament which stood proudly by the side of the Danube, making our way to the Shoes on the Danube Bank where we paid our respects to those who lost their lives. After noticing that there was only one pair of shoes belonging to a child who couldn’t have been and older than the age of four we saw a heart breaking moment where a couple lay wreaths and light candles for those during Christmas time.


Continuing our journey along the Danube we visited the market hall where we enjoyed a nice lunch and picked up gifts for friends and family. We then crossed the river over to Buda where we climbed to the top of Gellért Hill which gave us amazing views of Budapest even though we chose a foggy and dull day to make the trek.


During our trip we also stumbled upon Heroes Square and ended up spending the day there. With so much to see in the surrounding area, we were surprised that we had no idea it was there! For lunch we ate goulash in a fabulous little restaurant called ‘Városliget cafe and bar’ which gave us amazing views overlooking the ice rink and onto ‘Magyar Mezogazdasagi Muzeum’ (translated means: museum of Hungarian Agriculture) which looked rather like a palace. I recommend this restaurant as the prices are reasonable and the food is incredible.


The House of Horror is worth an emotional visit and truly gives you an insight to how awful it would have been for Jews during WW2. If a UK citizen take ID such as your passport or driving licence and it will cost 1000huf entry instead of 2000huf. But even for 2000huf you must definitely pay a visit as it will open your eyes to the horror people went through.

During our trip to Budapest, we stayed at the Corinthia hotel, which was by far the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in and if I was to return to the city, I would stay here again. There just isn’t any other option in my opinion.

There was so much more that we did on our holiday but I will try to write about them at a later date. So if anyone has questions about anything feel free to ask and I will try to answer them tithe best of my ability!

Until next time! Kate xo



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