Best Cocktails in Birmingham

A few nights ago, on Bank Holiday Monday a friend and I decided to take a trip into the city centre for Cocktails. After a week of not seeing each other, a catch up was needed!

We started off our night in Red Peppers, where I had a cosmopolitan and Emma had a raspberry mojito. Red Peppers has always been one of my favourite restaurants, it has a great choice of food, an amazing drinks menu and excellent service. Last night it did not disappoint. After being sat inside the restaurant, (which was extremely hot due to the hustle bustle of the restaurant and the unusually warm day) we requested a table outside. It was the perfect atmosphere, quiet, warm but with a gentle breeze which kept us cool. Plus, the sun was setting which made the sky look beautiful. Red Peppers was the perfect start to the night.


We then moved on to Pennyblacks, where we were served passion fruit daiquiris, which were full of flavour and very refreshing. Unfortunately the football was on extremely loud which somewhat spoilt the atmosphere, however the last time I went here there was music playing and it was very enjoyable.

Afterwards we headed up to floor 25 of The Cube, where the champagne bar is located in Marco Pierre Whites restaurant. We drank another cocktail called ‘The Cube’ whilst looking over the beautiful city which I call home. Being so high up and being able to see so much of the city, really makes you appreciate being a part of it -definitely worth the trip.

IMG_4839_2 IMG_4827_2

Not ready to go home yet, we ended our night by going to a new bar which has recently opened called ‘The Botanist’ where we tried the cocktail also called ‘The Botanist’. This cocktail was incredible, it doesn’t compare to any of the other cocktails I tried all night (although ‘The Cube’ ran a close second and worth a try if you don’t mind paying £13.50 for a drink). If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, you need to add it to your list of places to visit. The cocktails are made right in front of you, using ingredients you never would have thought of using yourself. I would say here, you will find the best cocktails in Birmingham. x


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