So many deadlines, so little time!

After handing in last weeks assignment and knowing there are only three deadlines left until summer is such a huge relief… Or is it?

I have exactly 1 month from until until I finish my first year at university and whilst I’d love to be spending time with friends before they go home for the summer, I’m stuck working towards my deadlines. Once our final assignment has been handed in on May 22nd we are free! But until then I have to complete a career portfolio on three different media careers and a regulatory body, a five year career plan, a presentation, a documentary plus all the preproduction work, an essay of 2,500-3,000 words, and the list goes on… I’m really feeling the pressure this month but I know that I can finish these assignment on time and to the best of my ability. I will get those grades!

As for my summer plans, they are currently none existent, besides an end of year BBQ which I’m hosting. I’m planning to create some exciting drinks to serve and will post the recipes on here. If you have any suggestions comment below!



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