What to pack for a weekend in London…

Packing is something that I find quite difficult each time I go on a city break… Actually I find it difficult when I go on any break. This weekend I will be in London for 4 days (Friday-Monday) and for those who read my last post, you will know that I have no idea what I will be doing whilst I’m there. Which makes packing even more difficult, especially when I only have a small bag to pack everything into.

Due to the very large amount of people who sqeeze themselves onto the tube each time it arrives at the platform, I decided to use my gym bag which can be swung over my shoulder rather than a suitcase which would just be in everyone’s way. 

Jedd and I love walking and seeing as we’ll be in London, I’m guessing that we will be doing plenty of it. Therefore I have packed a simple pair of black suede boots (H&M) as these are my favourite shoes because of how comfortable they are & I know that I will be able to last all day in them. I’ve packed a pair heels (Primark) for going out at night. I’m also debating whether I should pack a pair of sandals (Public Desire) on the off chance that it doesn’t rain but according to the weather forecast it won’t stop all weekend.  

Friday: As I will be travelling all morning, I will dress in more comfortable clothes. Black skinny jeans (Topshop), a striped top (New Look), my leather jacket (Topshop) and a large grey scarf (H&M). As my travel back is quite a bright turquoise colour I opted for a black and white outfit as it won’t clash because I don’t know how long I’ll be carrying it round for.
Saturday: I have packed a skirt which will be suitable for daytime and evening wear in case we don’t get chance to go back to the hotel. I will wear the skirt (Miss Selfridge) with a knitted jumper (H&M) and my leather jacket along with tights and boots. 

Sunday: For Sunday, I have packed black skinny jeans again! Along with a black long sleeved top which is suitable for every weather as it’s quite thin but would still keep me warm. Depending on the weather when I wake up, I’ll decide whether boots or sandals are more suitable. (Apologies for the poor photo- due to the lighting in my room, black doesn’t photograph well). 

For the evening, I will wear a navy dress (New Look) along with the red heels and a matching clutch.

 Monday: Black skinny jeans again… Along with a black cropped top (H&M) and an over-sized white cardigan (Forever 21) which will be so comfy for the journey home. 

I’ll also be packing the obvious toiletries, makeup, straighteners which I also use to curl my hair and underwear.

Now packing is all finished I just can’t wait to go! I’m sure I’ll write a post about it whilst I’m there or when I get home. Xx



  1. LOOOOL 😜 and you thought you were going to London! Love your outfits btw, do they still stock those red heels in Primark do you know? They’re amazing and I’ve been looking for some exactly like that!


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