What happened in London…?

On Friday morning when I woke up, excited for the weekend ahead I did not know what I was in for. All the secrets and not knowing what was happening over the weekend was for a very very very good reason.

To document our weekend we decided to create a video log, perhaps I will upload it if anyone is interested in seeing it?


So first of all we caught the bus into Birmingham City centre where we both enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Boston Tea Party (our new favourite breakfast place).  

We then jumped on the train to London. Jedd had been telling me about how he wanted to go and visit St Pancras station, which I thought was rather strange but I went along with it anyway. We had a stroll around the station before having a pot of tea and a slice of the most amazing red velvet chocolate brownie, this is when he told me. ‘We’re on our way to Paris’, I think he had to confirm it at least 5 times before I believed him. And this is when the video log and the trip to St Pancras station all made sense!

After our train ride on the euro star we arrived in Paris!! We checked into our hotel and then went exploring and found a restaurant for some dinner. But after an exhausting day of travelling we decided to head back to the hotel for an early night.


We woke up on Saturday morning and went for breakfast in the restaurant below our hotel. We enjoyed a couple of freshly baked croissants with a cup of coffee for Jedd and a orange juice for me.

 We bought ourselves two tickets for the open tour buses which cost us €40 each for three days. This meant that we could hop on and off the buses when and wherever we liked.

The first place we got off was the Royal Opera House, which looked incredible. The gold details really made the building stand out from the rest.

 We then hoped back on another bus and made our way to the Louvre and took a look around. Unfortunately we didn’t go inside but we have two more days for that. We had lunch from Paul’s food cart which was situated just outside the Louvre whilst looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

 We made our way along The Seine, towards the Notre Dame. Along the river we looked at the little stalls which stood by the river. Here is a photo of myself with the Hunchback and the Notre Dame:

We then continued our journey on the open buses and saw sights such as the Arch de Triomphe:

  And the Eiffle Tower from a distance:

 We spent about an hour queuing for the Eiffel Tower but the views were definitely worth it, we paid extra to visit the Summit which we had to do seeing as we were in Paris. We enjoyed a nice glass of rosé champagne at the top to celebrate.

   After the exhausting trip we headed back to the hotel but stopped off on the way for dinner in a tiny little, very French restaurant.


We started our Sunday morning with a huge breakfast at a little Parisian restaurant. We feasted on an omelette, croissants, toast, hot chocolate and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Our first stop this morning was the Notre Dame. Even though we saw the outside yesterday, we wanted to see the inside! And due to it being a Sunday we got to experience mass, which was something we will never forget. After Jedd light a candle for his grandad we took a look around at the artwork and the stain glass windows…

We hopped on the bus again (making the most of our pass!), and made our way right down to the South of Paris to visit the Catacombs.

If you ever visit the catacombs make sure you wear comfy shoes which have a good grip as the walk is long and there are lots of steps on the way up & down. The ground is also quite slippy due to the water from the limestone. We queued for just under two hours, but the wait was definitely worth it because once you have made your way down all those steps, and have read all the information boards about the Catacombs, you get to see the bones of around 6 million people. Until you actually experience it yourself, you can’t quite appreciate how it feels to be surrounded by all those human bones. But here are some photos to give you an idea:


Our last day 😦

Today after we packed away all of our stuff we took a journey to the Louvre where we queued for around half an hour before entering. Due to us bothe being from the UK and under the age of 26 we got to enter it free of charge which was a nice surprise!  

Jedd got to see his favourite painting along with many other famous paintings including the Mona Lisa!

 Unfortunately we had to get back to the hotel in time to catch our 16:10 train back to London and therefore we didn’t have enough time to look round everything. So we took our last journey on the open top buses where we took a final look at the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triomphe.

  And this is where our journey ended.
This trip was the most amazing surprise ever and I am so thankful to Jedd for taking me to Paris. I enjoyed every minute and it was a trip I will never forget ❤️

P.S. This post was written by Jedd and myself.




  1. This is too cute! You might just be one of the luckiest people in a relationship right now, everyone else’s seem to be falling apart loooool, Jedd seems like an amazing man, you have a keeper! X

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