Is feminism really that important?

Have you ever walked down your street and felt uncomfortable because there are men wolf whistling or shouting comments at you?

Most women have.

But why should women be subject to this? We don’t want to be standing at the bus stop on our way to work at 7:30 in the morning  and have men drive past staring, beeping their horns or shouting things out the window. And it’s not because of the way we dress either. Yesterday morning I was stood at the bus stop for ten minutes, wearing skinny jeans, boots and a coat -so my face and neck was the only flesh I had on show- and it sparked the reaction of EIGHT different men who drove past me. That’s one comment, one beep of a horn or one inappropriate stare (Ladies- you know the exact kind of stare I’m on about) every 75 seconds.  Whilst women love a compliment, this is not the kind of attention we are looking for. We do not want to be seen as an object and we do not want to be sexualised by men every time we leave our own house.

‘Where is the line between owning our own sexuality and letting others exploit it?’

Whilst there are a few different types of feminist, they all want the same thing: Equal rights for women. They want to empower women and let them have control over their lives and bodies.

Marxist Feminists focus on the theory of dismantling of capitalism to set women free from being treated differently to men.

Radical Feminists blame the patriarchy for oppressing women and privileging men.

Socialist Feminists will challenge capitalism and male supremacy.

Liberal Femenists want complete equal rights for men and women. No more, no less.

Why do we need feminism? 

We need feminism because on average women will earn less money throughout their lifetime than men. Even with the same qualifications and working in the same position at the same company. We want equal pay, for equal work. Which I don’t think is unreasonable, do you?

We need feminism because the way women dress and the way women look is constantly judged. Just because we decide to wear a short skirt one day, it doesn’t automatically make us a slut. And we don’t need to be whistled at when we wear one either. Infact, we don’t need to be cat called in any way at any time. We know we look great, we don’t need the confirmation from work men or men in cars.

We need feminism because we don’t want our bodies to be sexualised in an innapropriate way. We want to own our sexuality, not be exploited because of it. Why are men allowed to walk around topless with no judgment, when if a women did it she’d be told to cover up because it’s indecent? Who is it that decides what’s decent and what’s not anyway?

We need feminism because we don’t want to be dreading the end of our late shift at work because we’ll be walking home in the dark. We don’t want to carry pepper spray with us or have to walk with our keys between our fingers. We also don’t want to have to walk past men in the street with gritted teeth or cross the road whenever we see one coming. Did you know that 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted? 

There are many other reasons why we need feminism. But I also know that not all men are the same and treat women differently. Stop treating women differently, stop letting men think they deserve more than women and please help women to feel safe on the street at night.


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