101 of my favourite things 

Jedd 🙂 My family. My friends. My shoe collection👠House parties. No one ever seems to have them any more, such a shame. Sleeping💤Basic, but it’s so good. Is it bad to say McDonald’s? McDonald’s. McDonald’s. McDonald’s. Fashion. Shoes. Brushing my teeth. Love that fresh feeling. Travelling. Airports✈️ service stations, the lot. I’m obsessed. Holidays. Who doesn’t love going on holiday? Grazia magazine. Subscribed for the past 5 years, this won’t change for at least another 10, if not ever. Cheese boards. Dressing up all fancy. Love it. Sparkling water. Wine, champagne, prosecco. The good stuff. Obviously. Jumping onto a freshly made bed, especially in a hotel. Fresh pyjamas and bed sheets. Journals and diaries. People who are organised and turn up places at the time you planned to meet. Notebooks. Shoes. Leather bags. The sun, ahh so warm 🔆🔆🔆 Netflix. Cups of tea made by my mum, ahh perfection 👌All things Apple: my MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, iPod. I just find them easier to use so I like them. The morning bus journey to uni. Apart from when it’s raining, not nice. The woman who always says good morning every single day, even though we don’t know each other. Did I say shoes? A clean and tidy room. Which mine currently isn’t… Fresh flowers. I love it when Jedd surprises me with them when he turns up at my door😊 The colour white, it’s so clean and fresh. Blogging. It’s a nice hobby to have.The smell of the ocean and the sand between my toes.🌊👣People who recycle and even more those who go out of their way to recycle. It’s not just your planet, look after it people. Recycle.♻️ Mascara to make my eyelashes longer. Having a wish list. It gives me something to work towards and encourages me to do well in everything I do. Portugal. Jennifer Anistion. There are no words. 1989. As in the Taylor Swift album -her best one yet. Cooking a nice healthy dinner. But also takeaways, for those lazy days. Fresh fruit; Especially kiwis and mango. Fresh air. The smell of freshly cut grass. Giraffes. The font: Didot. Budapest, Hungry. Photos of New York. I’ll get there one day! Living in Birmingham. Uni, I always complain about it but secretly I love it☺️ Gardens, so nice and green🌳Having a tan. But not a fake one thank you very much✋ New Year. Christmas. My birthday! Summer, winter, autumn and spring. Just seasons generally. TKMaxx and home sense. Charity and thrift shops Puppies!!🐶 The smell of fresh flowers🌸 Perfume. Cocktails🍸An ice cold drink on a boiling hot day. Pretty Little Liars. Documentaries. Paris, France. Coats with fur lined hoods. Cheese toasties. Taking photos of sunsets. When there are no advertisements when watching a programme on catch up. The smell of clothing detergent. Sleeping in Jedds t-shirts/jumpers/boxer -especially when they smell like him (strange?). People who make me laugh. Miranda Hart. Black & White outfits. Surprises. People who don’t smoke or do drugs -so hard to come across these days. People who are polite and have manners. Photos. Photo albums. Silence. Evenings. Early morning rises where I don’t feel tired. Showers. James Corden. Cite this for me (saves so much time referencing). Exercise. Nice messages/texts. Hand written notes. Clocks. The watch Jedd bought me for my birthday. The necklace Jedd came home and surprised me with. Nandos chicken, sooooo good! Freshly painted nails. Long walks in the park.Breakfast. Art galleries. Animals. Life itself.


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  1. We have so many favourite things! I love Portugal and Paris, never been to Budapest though…. There’s nothing better than sitting down to flick through old photo albums. AIRPORTS! All your food favourites yes although I really love love love a Sunday roast… Don’t know about you? Great post chick xx

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