Fashion inspo

With the first year of uni coming to an end and seeing summer stretched out ahead of me, I have decided to take on a summer project. Developing my style. I’ll be clearing out my wardrobe and buying new items, focusing on a different category each week. I’ll be updating everything from shoes, to bags and from blazers/jackets to skirts, jeans and shorts. I feel like summer is the perfect time to do just that.

So below, I have listed everything that is inspiring my fashion choices at the moment:

After coming back from Paris just less than two weeks ago, the French fashion choices have influenced my wardrobe. Even though I have always been drawn to wearing stripes, I now love them even more! The whole Parisian style is incredible and I’ve tried to incorporate it into my everyday outfits.

(Photos coming soon in a separate post!)

Style tribes on The NET SET especially ‘Monochromatic’ and ‘Classically Chic’. I pretty much only ever wear black and white, those who have seen inside my wardrobe or see me everyday would agree -which is why I love the ‘Monochromatic’ style tribe. It has shown me new ways to wear complete black and white outfits without them looking boring or too plain. The ‘Classically Chic’ is also another amazing style tribe as it’s teaching me how to pick out clothes which will always be stylish. I have learnt the importance of tailored clothes, timeless fashion and how to be internally chic forever.

I’m sure many of you fashion lovers out there who have heard about ‘The Fashion Book’ published by Phiadon. It’s an A-Z of 500 different designers, photographers, models, and iconic individuals from over the past £150 years. Full to the brim of people who have inspired current and past trends and those who will continue to inspire trends in the future, this book is an ultimate must buy for those people who are fashion obsessed. I have included this book on my list of current fashion inspirations as I’m currently working my way through it, to become more aware about the history of fashion and why certain trends are in fashion today.

 That’s it for this months fashion inspiration! Considering making this a monthly post? Let me know what you think xx


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