Final week!

I’m on my final week of my first year at uni, but I have a massive deadline looming on Friday at 12 O’clock. I was really hoping to hand this assignment in tomorrow but I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen now. Here’s to hoping!

It’s strange to think I’ve almost finished my first year, can’t believe how quick it’s gone. I have made some amazing friends which I know will be for life, but have also lost friend who I thought were going to be for life. Which is sad but that’s life and it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I have also learned so much, more than I could ever imagine! Strange how I’ve learnt more during my first year at uni than I did throughout the whole of sixth form. It’s not all academic though, I have been taught some valuable life lessons.

Even though I can’t wait to get this final assignment handed in and start my summer, I really don’t want to be saying goodbye to my friends. Even though we have made plans to get together over the summer, it’s not going to be the same when I don’t see them pretty much everyday!

Let’s go get this final assignment done💪🏼

Ciao xx


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