The vodka club reunited 

 Every so often my parents get together with their long time friends for an evening of vodka tasting. And now I’m of a legal age, I get to join in! Woo!

The last time Debbie and Roy came round, we had the pleasure of tasting Christmas pudding (you’d think it’d be gross but it was actually incredible!), passion fruit, raspberry, and summer fruits. But last night we had each individual flavour of skittles: grape, orange, lemon, lime, and orange. Plus a rhubarb and strawberry flavour, of which I am HUGE fan. But I’d have to say that the lime (green) skittle with some soda water was my favourite.

There’s a loads of recipes and instructions online which will tell you how to make your own flavoured vodka! Just go and Google it!

Skittles- purple grape flavoured. We’re unsure why it’s turned orange!

I’m hoping I’ll have a group of friends which I can do this with when I’m older! Xx


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