Happy 2 years katelharper.com!

So when I logged into wordpress this afternoon, I had a little notification in the top right corner of my screen, telling me that it had been two whole years since I first started my blog! Which is rather unbelievable. I’d like to say thank you to all my readers, old & new, also an even bigger thank you to those who have contributed to my blog or have been the inspiration for one of my posts! Getting around 1000 views per month is amazing, and never expected to get that much traffic on here but please get commenting so I get to know more of you!

I first began this blog to document my transition from sixth form to university and was planning on carrying it on till I get a full time job once I’ve graduated, as a way to look back on all I have achieved or what my interests are. Even though many of my older posts have been deleted so it’s hard to actually see what’s happened over the past two years, it has helped me to reflect on my past, see what I want to change in the future and it has also inspired me to take on new hobbies and interact with new people around the world.

I have so many planned posts for the upcoming year, which hopefully my regular readers will enjoy and will perhaps draw in new readers also. So please continue to read my future posts, I look forward to continuing into another year on katelharper.com.

Thanks again everyone! x


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