6 ways to make money this summer…

So, you have a long summer ahead of you: plenty of time, with so many choices of what to do. Perhaps a theme park? (Although I wouldn’t recommend Alton Towers based on recent events). A water park? If weather permits. Days in the park. Endless cinema trips. Maybe a holiday or weekend away. Road trips. You name it. But there’s one thing holding you back and that is: Lack of funds. Yes you could borrow money from your parents, but do you really want to be constantly nagging them and getting into debt with them? I wouldn’t at all… So here’s my list of 6 ways to make yourself some money this summer, so you can go and make the most of your summer.

  1. Car boot sale: I regularly clear out my room and wardrobe as I’m not a fan of clutter. More often than not, my unwanted items go to charity. But if I choose to get rid of anything on the run up to summer, I tend to save it and do a car boot sale. Google for local sales around your area. You’ll make yourself some money this way, potentially pick up a bargain and even get a slight tan whilst standing in the sun. What more could you want? Swing past a charity shop on the way home to donate any of your left over unwanted items.
  2. Chores. The word everyone hates! If you’re strapped for cash and need some money, where better to start than your own home? Your parents or guardians will respect you a lot more if you ask for money in exchange for doing chores around the house, rather than just expecting them to give you money. I recommend you sit down with them and come up with a chart, work out how much you should be paid for each chore and then tick off what you’ve done. At the end of the week, go and collect your pay! Plus these are jobs you’ll have to learn when you move out, so it’s best to learn when you have guidance rather than figuring it out alone.
  3. Wash cars or walk the neighbours dog. You might feel awkward about asking your neighbours for money. What I would do is offer to walk their dog or clean their car free of charge, more often than not they will tip you -this all adds up! Even if they don’t, you know you’ve got some exercise done and have done your good deed for the day. Plus, you might even enjoy it!
  4. Paper round. A paper round will literally take you an hour each week. Phone up your local paper and find out what rounds are avaliable in your area. The closer to home the better. My sister does the paper round for the road we live on, so she hardly walks anywhere!
  5. Part time job. Easier said than done. Try your local convenience store, try anywhere and everywhere. You never know what you’ll get.
  6. Babysitting. Got neighbours or family friends with young children? Offer them your babysitting services. Parents deserve a night out and a break too, they don’t always have someone to rely on to babysit but once you’ve offered to do it they’ll think of you. Remember to be avaliable to them, it might mean missing out on the premier of a new TV series but you can always catch up on it. More often than not you’ll end up spending the evening watching TV whilst the children are asleep anyway!

So there are my six simple and easy ways to earn yourself some extra cash this summer. Got anymore ideas to share? Comment below. xx


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