Festival tips

Following my previous post, I thought I would continue with the festival theme and share some of my favourite festival tips which I have picked up over the past few years! Things to pack, which you may not have thought of but will definitely appreciate once you’re there:

  1. Toilets. The nasty and unavoidable part of festival -the part no one likes. They’re smelly, unsanitary and never have toilet roll, plus more often than not: There’s no water to wash your hands. Which is why I will always carry: Tissues, for the obvious. Hand sanitiser, to keep your hands clean. Vicks Vaporub(you will thank me later), dab a small amount of this round your nose before you go to the toilet and all the bad smells left behind by previous users will be undetectable!
  2. Use an over the shoulder bag, It means you’ll be able to hold it close to you and will be able to feel those pickpocketers. If you use a rucksack anyone could riffle through it without you knowing a thing!
  3. Tansparent powder -girls. We all know how annoying it can be in the heat whilst wearing makeup. So pack yourself some transparent powder to stop this from happening! I recommend this No.7 powder, avaliable in all boots stores. 
  4. Sun cream & hydration. You don’t want to make yourself I’ll from sunstroke or dehydration, so always carry water with you and if the sun is out WEAR SUNCREAM. This will protect your skin and stop you getting so many wrinkles & sun spots as you age! And don’t forget sunglasses to protect those eyes!
  5. Speaking of hydration, before you go freeze all the water that you’re planning on taking and keep them in a cooler. This means they’ll stay cold hopefully throughout the whole weekend, thus keeping you cool also.
  6. Dry shampoo and baby/shower wipes for the obvious, no one wants to face those super long queues for a freezing cold shower.
  7. Portable phone charger, your phone battery will not last.   
  8. First aid kit. There will be first aid on site but you can never be too careful. I carry plasters EVERYWHERE, much to Jedds annoyance! 😂
  9. Pack of cards. Endless fun! You can use them for drinking games or just to play whilst waiting for the music to start!

Now for some advice

  1. Take as little into the festival as possible, no one likes the people walking through crowds with a huge rucksack on their back. Plus when you’re jumping around, do you really want your bag hitting you on the back every five seconds?
  2. Plan, plan and plan some more! Your favourite bands may be playing at the same time, so you’ll need to decide who you want to see more or how to divide your time. When I went to V festival, we came up with a points system to work out which bands we wanted to see more, this meant when the timetable was published we could refer back to our list and decide who to see. We decided that we wouldn’t split up at all throughout the festival, and this system meant that there was no arguments!
  3. Take note of where you put your tent, perhaps pitch it next to something you’ll remember. Perhaps a tree? But not underneath, you don’t want to be struck by lightening! And not by the bins or toilets (smelly) and avoid the bottom of a hill… You’ll be swamped if it rains.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of bug spray. 🐞🐝🐜🐛

I’ll probably continue adding to this in the near future. But for now, I hope this helps! 

Read about my festival fashion here.


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