Fathers Day

My dad has always been an inspiration to me, he works so hard everyday and copes well considering the amount of pressure he’s under at work.  He’s always there for me, he’s the keeper of my secrets, a shoulder to cry on, advice giver, someone to talk to about my concerns and worries. I wouldn’t change him for the world ❤️ So let’s celebrate fathers everywhere, and let them know how thankful we are for being there for us everyday.

What I got my dad for Father’s Day:

Black leather guitar strap, he has been asking for a guitar strap for the past few years but have only just got round to actually getting him one! He wanted just a plain one so I thought a leather one would be perfect. It is hand stitched and has a brown suede lining. 

(eBay £18.99)

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. My dad enjoys making cocktails and when I saw this I couldn’t resist! Included with the cocktail shaker, there is: rimming salt and two small bottles of original flavoured margarita mix.

(TKMaxx £6.99)

Garlic style, batch #37 hot sauce. My dad is a huge fan of garlic and enjoys his spicy foods. He often buys hot sauces to try, I think he almost sees it as a challenge to find a sauce too hot to him. When I saw ‘pain in good’ written on the bottle I thought it must be hot! Therefore I bought it. Not that I want to see my dad in pain…

(TKMaxx £3.99)

Let’s hope he likes everything! xx


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