Colmore bar & grill luncheon and shopping spree!

 Today I met Jedd for lunch today at Colmore bar and grill, where we munched on the sharing platter and enjoyed this huge chocolate brownie ice cream sundae!

 We ate most of it but left a small amount of ice cream at the end! I have to say we left looking like elephants.

Unfortunately Jedd had to head back to work 😦 but I took the opportunity to go shopping in the Bullring and spend some of those hard earned wages! I only had an hour and a half to spare before my lift back home which didn’t leave me much time but I managed to pick up a few things…

First of all I hit the Zara sale & bought this cute grey knit for £9.99 reduced from £19.99.

 And this cut off top with a split back for £17.99 reduced from £25.99. Perfect for summer!

 The next stop I went to was New Look where I found this sleeveless blazer…

and this off the shoulder electric blue top, which I thought would be perfect for the Looe music festival. Which I know I’ve already planned outfits for… but now I’ve changed my mind. Oops.

I also bought a pair of shoes which I had great visions for, but on reflection I messed up and will be returning them tomorrow (sorry New Look!).

That’s all for today… CIAO xx


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