Chiari Malformation.

Today I shall be telling you about one of my mums friends… Her daughter Jamie is currently suffering from type 1 Arnold Chiari Malformation and has been for the past eight years.

Arnold Chiari Malformation is when part of your brain is too large for the skull and therefore pushes down into the spinal canal. This causes many symptoms which are stopping her from doing normal 18 year old everyday things without being in pain. She suffers from nausea, severe headaches, vomiting, dizziness, numbness and sharp pains throughout her body… The list continues.

 Whilst Jamie and her family have spoken to four different Chari neurosurgeons in the UK and several more neurologists, none of these are willing to do the surgery. But she has found someone who will. A neurosurgeon in America. At the cost of £150,000 which needs to raised as soon as possible.

To do this Jamie has been putting on events such as quizzes, coffee mornings and carboot sales to try and raise the funds. You can find out all about upcoming events on her Facebook page, everyone is welcome! Just search ‘Jamie’s Chiari Story’.

Alternatively if you’re not from the local area you can go onto her ‘’ page by clicking on the following link-

All help would be appreciated! xx



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