Currently in my life…

Currently in my life, I am a working gal and enjoying the working life. My family are on holiday in the south of France and Jedd has been living with me for the past two weeks -which I personally have loved. I will be heading to France to join my family tomorrow whilst Jedd and my grandparents look after the house. During the first week my parents were away me and Jedd were unfortunately at work all week but with both of us booking the Friday and second week off, it gave us some time to enjoy each others company, go on days out and to run those all important errands such as visiting my nan to make sure she had everything she needs and doing the shopping to ensure we won’t starve this week.

On Friday we went into the city and did some shopping. When I say shopping, Jedd bought two pairs of jeans, a pair of desert boots and a new shirt; and I bought nothing. Afterwards we went to Pitcher and Piano where it was the leaving party of one of Jedds colleagues, this also gave me the opportunity to meet everyone for the first time which was very enjoyable.

On Saturday we hosted a BBQ with all our closest friends. This went on to the early hours of the morning and I really hope that everyone who came enjoyed it. Sunday was spent relaxing and cleaning up from the night before(as you can imagine, there was quite a big mess!).

My sister is employed by Drayton Manor Theme Park and was given a few tickets for family members, two of which she generously gave to me and Jedd. So we enjoyed an incredible day out there where we went on almost everything besides G-force because that is just terrifying. Even though it rained almost all afternoon, we didn’t care and continued to run round the theme park like the children we really are.

 Another free day out at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham (thanks to my best best friend Abbie) which again was also enjoyable. Jedd continued to take photos of e v e r y t  h i n g which he always does, it can we quite cute but also annoying(love you still). Abbie works on the photo team so we had fun taking a photo with her, which I bought and am now trying to find a place for on my wall! We then went to my nans house where we made sure she had all her shopping and had a nice lunch.

Yesterday was spent cleaning and tidying the house up ready for when I go away and then Jedd took me to an incredible restaurant called Cielo in Brindley Place. The starter and main course was so nice but the dessert was just amazing, I definitely recommend this restaurant to any couple for a night out.

And today, Jedd is at the Ashes with his friend so I have invited my grandparents round for tea and a catchup.

Here are just a few more photos that I’ve recently taken and felt like uploading them due to not posting in a while! I’m struggling to currently find topics to write about as my life is currently work, work, work. But I’ll be in France next week so I will of course document it and post in on here.

Whilst I think my photography skills have definitely improved over the weeks since first buying my camera, I still have a long way to go. Oh how I envy those with a natural skill for photography! I’m practicing around with the different settings on my camera and the different lighting which will also improve my skills. Let’s just hope that I improve a lot more by the time my photojournalism assignment at university comes around as I really want to get a good grade in it.

That’s all for today! Until next time, Kate xx


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