St. Jean de Monts markets

In Saint Jean de Monts there are a few markets which run throughout the summer. We attended the Marché Jean Yole at Place Jean Yole on the Saturday morning, this is when there are more stalls outside rather than the regular food market which is open daily between 3rd April and 29th September each year.

The outside stalls sell everything from food, to homeware, to clothing and shoes; but these only run on a Wednesday and Saturday morning.

The indoor market is packed full with fresh produce including: fruit & veg, fish, joints of meat, bread, pastries and much more.


In my opinion, this market was definitely worth the visit. Everything here was affordable and everyone was friendly and passionate about what they were selling. Even if your French isn’t exactly great, they will do their best to understand and help you out. We enjoyed going round the market and came home with some great produce which we put on the BBQ and had a huge feast.

Other markets in St. Jean de Monts

  • Marché de la Plage (Avenue des Demoiselles)- here there is a food market which is held every morning between the end of June and beginning of Sept.
  • Marché Plage des Demoiselles (Avenue de la Plage)- a food/non food held every Monday and Thursday between the beginning of July & the end of August.

I haven’t actually visited these two so I don’t have any photos and therefore unable to comment on them but if they’re anything like the Marché Jean Mole; then I’m sure they’re worth the visit!


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