Birthday celebrations!!

How did I celebrate my 20th birthday?!

My birthday didn’t get off to an exciting start as I spent the morning at university editing my advertisement… Even though I am enjoying the assignment, it’s not the way I’d have started my birthday if I’d had the choice!

I then went to Jedd’s where I spent some time with him, his mum, and his adorable little dog. We then popped to TESCO on the way back to mine where we bought some food for lunch and I got some sheets and a duvet set to go on my new bed.


We love lunch. And, we do lunch well. We treated ourselves to camembert, ciabatta, sundried tomatoes, olives, deli crisps and some lovely prosecco. Our idea of a perfect lunch!


Dinner & Drinks

We headed into town and enjoyed drinks at the Bacchus Bar in the city centre where Jedd had a pint of Doombar and I had a Gin & Tonic.

We then enjoyed an incredible steak dinner at the Scottish Steak Club. I have to say that it was honestly the best steak I’ve ever had and the restaurant was beautiful too, with huge windows, chandeliers and hard wood floors. Definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Birmingham!

(plus the desserts are really good too!)

Unfortunately I couldn’t celebrate with friends as I fell ill on Saturday and couldn’t make it out 😦 but these things happen & I’ll reorganise it for another day!


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