Aluna & Gas Street Social

Located in the Mail Box, I enjoyed an evening of cocktails with my best friend Emma. After we had our usual cocktail ‘The Cube’ from Marco Pierre White, we went to Aluna – a very adventurous cocktail bar, unlike any other I have been to! After listening to the expertise of the bar staff, I was served with a ‘Bush Fire’ which was set on fire in front of my very eyes (as you can see below)! It was a very enjoyable drink and not only was it a very nice bar but the staff were very friendly and super helpful when it came to making my decision. The prices here were around the same price as you’d pay anywhere else, but here you also get the entertainment!

Aluna is definitely worth the visit if you ever find yourself in Birmingham wanting a good cocktail!

The next stop was Gas Street Social another great place to visit -but also very popular among locals! I can’t actually remember what cocktail I ordered from here but I have a feeling it was the Lunar Society Punch… Whatever it was, it tasted great! Once again the prices here are as you’d usually find for a Cocktail! I really enjoy the detail that goes into making people feel welcome at Gas Street Social, I found the blankets next to a plaque saying ‘Baby it’s cold outside! Grab a blanket’ way too cute and just had to take a photo!

So these are two places which I recommend visiting if you’re ever in Birmingham, I may even see you in there! These two bars offer more than just cocktails, they serve you’re regular bar drinks and have food menus too so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of them but all your friends are -you don’t need to miss out on a evening of socialising!

Let me know if you visit there and tell me what you think of them in the comments below!


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