Sutton Park

For most of my childhood I never appreciated having Sutton Park right on my doorstep, and it’s only been a few years since I’ve realised just how great it is! There’s so much to see and explore it makes me regret not accepting every offer I got from my parents inviting me there for a walk and to see what the park has to offer.

Did you know that Sutton Park is the seventh largest urban park in Europe? And the second largest urban park outside a capital city?

With over 2,000 acres of land full of forests, fields, lakes, restaurants, freely roaming animals, and much more, I have vowed to myself that I’ll see as much of it as possible this year. Starting yesterday when I visited with my mum & sister! We had a really long walk in the cold winter air & it was the perfect opportunity to practise using my camera! I thought everyone would appreciate seeing the images I captured and hopefully they’ll inspire you to take a visit there yourselves! For more information about Sutton Park and where to find it, please click here.

Enjoy x


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