Holiday Gift Guide: Valentines Day💕

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that everyone loves to hate. But even those who dislike it the most are secretly gutted when they don’t receive a card from their S.O!

Seeing as February 14th is swiftly approaching, I decided to devise a quick little gift guide for those running behind or stuck for ideas! Below I’ll show you photos and all the links leading directly to the product will be at the bottom of the page.

These super-cute pillow cases are from, they’re made by the company ‘Old English Company’ who sell so many other great things! They’re £25 for the pair, eco friendly, and sure to bring a smile to your partners face!


Tell them how it is! Buy your special someone a print telling them the reasons why they’re your valentine. For £9, it’s an inexpensive gift that is so personal & will earn you those brownie points! Made by Coconutgrass!
It’s not secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Hotel Chocolat. For me, they’re the best chocolates money can buy! So why not treat your S.O to this luxury Valentines Day selection box? It contains 35 chocolates and comes in a beautiful heart-shaped box. Price = £39.
How about the classic idea of a dozen Red Roses from Appleyard? £5 off if you order them now, meaning these will cost you £44.99! (You could even double up and order 24 if you’re feeling extra loved up!)

Alternatively, why not bake them a cake? It can be Red Velvet, Strawberries & Cream, or even Gluten Free! This will reduce the cost of your Valentine’s Day, plus who doesn’t love food? (& you’ll get to share it too!)

I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, how will you be spending it? x

Links //

‘Big Spoon, Little Spoon’ Pillow Cases by ‘Old English Company’

‘Things We Love About…’ Personalised Print by ‘Coconutgrass’

Hotel Chocolat ‘Straight from the Heart’ Valentines Selection Box

12 Opulent Red Roses from Appleyard London


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