Four little pieces of relationship advice.


There are so many different aspects of communicating so I’m going to talk about just talk about a few.

Your whereabouts. I’m not talking about letting your partner know where you are and what you’re doing 24/7 but when they’re home and you’re running late a little ‘I’m going to be late, stuck at the office X’ text never hurt anyone. Or ‘I’m going to be home later than planned, I’m going for a few drinks with a friend x’ just so your partner knows your safe and isn’t worrying till the early hours when you’re still not home.

If there’s something really getting you down, tell your partner! It might not because of their behaviour or anything to do with them but it always helps to talk. After all, you don’t want them thinking your bad moods are all their fault do you?

What do you want out of the relationship? If you’re not feeling the love, that’s okay! Tell your partner, they might not realise and will work at it more. If they don’t try to help, is this the right relationship for you? You don’t need a full blown argument about this either, just simply tell them -even if it’s in a jokey way. As long as your point gets across.

Let them know they’re loved.

It’s not hard, a simple ‘I love you’ at the end of the day, making sure you say goodnight and good morning, embracing them with a hug, washing the dishes after they’ve done the cooking, it’s the little things!!


Don’t go into a relationship not trusting your partner. Have they personally ever given you a reason not to trust them? If you hear a stupid rumour, don’t listen to it. If the trust is there, why let someone else take it away?


You must respect your partner. Listen to their needs and try to help, they’ll do the same in return. Keep them updated with your life, they don’t want to be hearing about your day from someone else. Communicate. Don’t lie. Trust them. Boost their self-esteem don’t tear it down. Don’t make them feel guilty when they have no reason to be. Don’t keep secrets (unless it’s for a surprise!) these will build up over time creating a wall between you. Just respect them, and they should respect you in return.


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