Online CV & Portfolio

So recently I created myself a blog using WordPress as a place to store and publish any work that I’ve produced throughout my time in education. It’s so easy to do and hardly takes up anytime, plus it’s a great way to connect with potential employees or clients.

I suggest that those who want a career in Media especially, create themselves one immediately and then when attending interviews, etc, you can give them your URL and guide them to your site where they can view your previous work. This may help them with the employment decisions as they can see the standard of your work for themselves and work out whether you’d be suitable or capable for the job!

Plus it makes life a lot easier for you too. Being able to refer back to your previous work whilst being on the move is such a great thing, plus it means you’ll have a back up of everything you’ve done so you no longer need to worry about losing it!

Obviously, being a new site it’s currently rough around the edges and needs some time and attention spent on it! But please feel free to take a look around and be inspired to start your own! Trust me you won’t regret it!

Check it out here or type ‘’ into your search bar!


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