Dublin 2016: Places to eat & drink

Places to Eat

The Italian Corner – Included as part of our stay with The Merchant House, we got breakfast at The Italian Corner, which almost seems wrong seeing as you’re visiting Ireland. But don’t worry, they serve a great Full Irish Breakfast! This was really great and I definitely recommend it if you’re in need of breakfast! You get a basket of toast, cereal and juice, tea/coffee, plus a cooked breakfast & it all tastes so good! I’m sure that lunch and dinner tastes just as great too!

Hard Rock CaféPrices here are kind of expensive for what you get but I’ve never been to a Hard Rock Café so I really wanted to visit! I opted for the cheeseburger and I had four different cheeses to choose from but as I couldn’t decide they let me have all four!

37 Dawson Street – This was probably the coolest place we ate and drank at in Dublin. We had The Chef’s Platter which was €28 so that’s quite a lot but when you think about it being for two people that doesn’t seem so bad. Plus I’d have paid that amount to just sit in there for an hour anyway -it’s a very cool place to be. We sat by this really cute heart shaped fireplace and ate whilst enjoying a glass of wine and -of course- a Guinness.

Places to Drink

Drinking is a huge part of the Irish culture so it’s no surprise that there are literally HUNDREDS of pubs in Dublin. So obviously we didn’t get to visit all of them, but these are the ones we did….

Neary’s This place was on our must-visit list as Jedd’s mums surname is Neary so we had to visit! It didn’t disappoint, they had so many drinks to choose from!

The Norseman – The very first & the last pub we visited was The Norseman. Of course we both ordered a Guinness, what else would we drink in Dublin? It’s a really nice place to drink and the atmosphere is great!

The Temple BarA bar which has been running for over 160 years and must go to for everyone visiting Dublin! Whilst visiting this pub, I had an Irish Coffee and Jedd had a Guinness! There’s also live music, too many whiskeys to choose from, and one of the best pints of Guinness you’ll find in Dublin. There was a live band playing too which made our time here even more worth it!

Thunder Road CaféThis is a great place to have a drink and a bite to eat, however we just came in for a drink. This place has a TGI Fridays/Hard Rock Cafe feel to it, so if you like both of those places, you’re bound to like it here!


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