I’ve always had a passion for decorating my bedroom and having it look nice but I’ve never had the money to decorate it to my exact taste. So over the past year or so, I’ve been putting together an inspiration board on Pinterest so when the time came, I’d know what I want.

Before this project began my room was white and Aqua, which admittedly are my favourite colours but I feel like now is the time for a change. As this will probably be the last time I redecorate before I leave home, I wanted to use quite natural tones on my walls so it will be easier to accessorize if I ever do feel like a change.

I wanted to test out a few different colours before painting the entire wall, so I went to Wilkinson and picked out a few different colours and brought them home to try. In the end though, I narrowed it down to just three colours to choose from: (left-to-right) Crispy Crumble, Mellow Mocha, and Soft Truffle. All by Dulux.

 After a while of consideration, I chose to use Soft Truffle, and Mellow Mocha as I felt they really complimented each other. I will be using Soft Truffle on my walls and painting my shelves & bedside table in Mellow Mocha.
 I had a few things nailed/screwed/whatever into my wall so those holes had to be filled as they’re no longer needed,  the patches you can see on my wall!

So once I had painted all my walls, it was time to furnish and accessorise! I chose to use some copper accents in my room as I thought it would really brighten up the place. And anyway here is how it all turned out!


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