I’m sure most glasses wearers can understand the pressure in selecting the perfect pair of glasses in such a short amount of time whilst optitions are standing over you waiting to see their next patient. We’ve all been there. So when I was approached by GlassesShop to review a pair of theirs, I was so thrilled as it meant I could find that perfect pair of glasses online, in the comfort of my own home and in my own time. And I found them! They’re a  different style to what I’d usually go for but there’s no point in all my glasses being the same!

When I received these glasses, I was surprised just how good the quality of them were. The frames are completely durable, so you know that however many time they’re worn, they will definitely keep their shape and signs of wear will take a while to appear. There’s no way these will break any time soon, especially as they come in a sleek hard case to protect them (which is just the perfect size to slide into my bag without taking up too much space!).

Whilst the price of these glasses are already totally affordable, I have here a coupon code for you. Use GSHOT50 to get an entire 50% off glasses and prescription sunglasses on their website!

Thanks GlassesShop! I will definitely be getting some more glasses soon!


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