FAQ’s //


How old are you?

– I am 20 years old! My Birthday is November 13th.


Where do you live?

– In England.


When did you start blogging?

– Roughly arounds 3 years ago.


How can I contact you?

– There is a contact page in the navigation bar, you can also contact me through other social media platforms linked on my site.





  1. Hey Kate. Love the blog. Here are my answers chic.
    1. Closest to my wife and kids, wouldn’t be anywhere without them.
    2. Earliest memory was when my teachers shouted at me for not knowing how to spell my name.
    3. Biggest fear is something bad happening to a loved one. Don’t think I could go on.
    4. Relaxation is movie night. Take away and the whole family together on the sofa watching a movie.
    5. I’m best at living the life God gave me.
    6. Value everything my wife has to offer, to me she’s perfect.
    7. When my kids were born, I was happy.
    8. Biggest regret is not asking my wife to marry me sooner.
    9. Nothing.
    10. I’d take about 5-10 years off my appearance.
    Speak to you soon chic.


  2. Hi Kate, I absolutely adore you blog and look forward to you posting. As I’m a fan and you want to get to know your followers, I thought I give the questions a go.
    1. Who are you closest to?
    My best friend of 10 years, Daniel. He has stuck by my side through thick and thin, I never want to lose him.
    2. What’s your earliest memory?
    My earliest memory is from when I was 4 years of age (I think!) and me and my dad were at the park when he put me on the branch of a tree then ran off and left me. He was joking of course, but at the time it was terrifying and I haven’t climbed a tree since because of it!
    3. What’s your biggest fear?
    Spiders! I know they’re everyones but still!!!
    4. Relaxation is…
    On a rainy day, when everything is switched off and I can sit at the window reading a good book and listening to the rain undisturbed by anyone.
    5. What are you best at?
    Dance I guess. I’ve done ballet since I was 5 and don’t ever want to give it up!
    6. What do you value in a partner?
    I think confidence is definitely something valuable. I want someone who is able to commit themselves to a relationship and who doesn’t run off screaming as soon as things get serious.
    7. Describe the last time you were really happy.
    Me and Daniel went on a city break at the end of the summer and it was perfect. Everyone was just returning to the city after their summer away and everyone was happy, I remember thinking that this was how life should be. Everyone smiling, everyone happy.
    8. What’s your biggest regret?
    I don’t believe in regret. If it was what you wanted at the time then why regret anything? There’s no point dwelling on the past, we need to focus on today.
    9. What’s one thing you would change about your life?
    Nothing, I love my life!
    10. What item can’t you live without?
    My phone, it organises my life, without it, I’d be all over the place

    Happy posting, Alexis Postern (your no.1 fan) x


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